This page is a feature - something someone had thought of and wants to implement into Inexor. You can help with your knowledge and skills to make this happen!

Status: idea

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master #128 @a-teammate

This will be dropped again in favor of dynamic lighting. Reason:

  • Makes dynamic worlds possible
  • Better editing experience
  • Cleaner shader and rendering system

Ambient Occlusion

Pictures are louder than words:

Complete Album for comparison of some maps with and without AO: https://www.bilderhoster.net/g/m3gld18a.html

No Ambient Occlusion: without AO With Ambient Occlusion: with AO

Is it fps-expensive?

No its not, unlike Tesseract, we implemented it into the current lightmap-system. This means your FPS do not change at all!

Even in other Branches (without this extension) and Sauerbraten Collect, your maps will still look the same (with the Ambient Occlusion Shadows).

That is because it depends just on the calclight-process (/calclight 1).

However calclighting may take a little longer.


  • ambientocclusion <darkness> where darkness is a value between 0 (for off) and 255 (really dark corners)
  • ambientocclusionradius <thickness> where radius is a value between 1.0 (thin line) and 10.0 (big shadow)

The Thickness furthermore also depends on what "lightprecision" (32 is default: a normal resolution for your lightmap) you use, so a smaller value for that means the resolution of your lightmap is bigger and hence your previously thick AO-Shadows become thinner.