Pyrimethamine Fix


We released Alpha 0.4.1 which is a fix for the"Pyrimethamine" Edition

Author: Fohlen

Pyrimethamine - Alpha 0.4.1

Since there have been a bunch of issues with the current Pyrimethamine Edition, our team decided to release a fix version to address them.

Alpha 0.4.1 brings along the following enhancements

  • Fixes crash when you use subsystem_start within one of your config(s)
  • Fixes a bug which could lead to a crash due to explosions
  • CEF is now packaged and installed accordingly
  • Repairs various functions that would try to load non-existent files (such as /getmap)

You can download Inexor 0.4.1 Alpha from GitHub. Please note that we are offering only for Windows official binaries at the moment. If you are on a 32-bit Windows version then download, if you are on a 64-bit Windows version download

Please report any bugs as you spot them. If you'd generally like to have a talk with us, check the forum or #Inexor @