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What is Inexor?

  • Inexor will be a new first person shooter game which is based on a new octree-based game engine.
  • Inexor focuses on classic gameplay as we've seen in Cube2 or the Quake series.
  • Inexor will be written from ground up new in modern C++17.
  • You can contribute anything you want: code, content, ideas..
  • Inexor and all its content is 100% open source!

What is the point of Inexor?

  • We want to create a game which has classic gameplay but a very powerful embedded world editor.
  • Inexor is a sandbox: There is no separation between engine editor and the game itself. Creating the game is part of the game.
  • People's ideas for the game will no longer be limited by the underlying engine technology.
  • Players can express their map or game mode ideas without any restrictions by us, using a visual scripting enviroment - even collectively in multiplayer.

Who is behind Inexor?

  • A collective of game programmers, artists, or people who are very passionate about gaming.
  • There is no strict hierarchy behind this organisation.
  • Everybody is welcome.
  • Inexor will always try to bring people together.


Visual Scripting

Design and create any game mode you can imagine. Connect interactive components together to open doors in a dungeon crawler. Equip a fort with automatic weapons to conquer with your friends.

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Ingame Editor

Craft all the contents needed for maps cooperatively, ingame. Quickly repeat a set of pillars with the prefab editors, or layer your buildings on top of terrain. With the ingame editor, building the game becomes part of the game.

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Community Platform

Share content with everyone and re-use what others have made for your own worlds. Browse content, artists or join a server to exchange new ideas in real time.

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How to contribute?

  • Currently, we are in the process of writing the game engine.
  • Programmers and testers are most needed right now.
  • Artists and mappers are also welcome, but the time for creating maps has not come yet.

Why develop a new game engine?

  • We need a new octree-based game engine which is based on a task-based, multithreaded engine.
  • Vulkan API is a new graphics API which allows us to gain better performance.

How to get into contact?

  • Please join our discord server! Just search for inexor.
  • You can also write us:

When will Inexor be playable?

  • This depends on the speed of our progress.
  • We can't forsee this yet.

I found a bug in Inexor, what now?

Which systems will be supported?

  • This release contains files for Windows only.
  • We are working to get the Linux build working as fast as possible.
  • We might support Android in the future.
  • Because Apple decided not to support Vulkan API natively, we will not Mac OS. We are not planing on using moltenVK to get our projects running on Mac OS either.

Is Inexor a fork of Cube2?

  • No, Inexor is a new code base which has no dependencies in cube-engine.

What will be different in Inexor compared with Cube2?

  • It is too early to answer this question as we're in the process of writing the game engine first.
  • The answer to this question will very much depend on your input.

Will you use any code parts from cube-engine?

  • No. Cube engine is single threaded. This was fine back in the day of its creation but nowadays it acts as a bottleneck for the gpu.

Will Inexor be compatible with Cube2 or other games?

  • No, because Inexor's objective is different.
  • We don't want to limit ourselves by supporting old technology?

Can I import my maps from Cube2 into Inexor?

What's next?

  • v0.1-alpha.3: May 10th, 2020.