Hackathon 2015 report


What happened on the Hackathon 2015? What did you miss? This blog post summarizes everything you need to know.

Author: Fohlen

Hackathon 2015 - report

An entire weekend went past, and we didn't share anything with you. That's rough, isn't it?

So, what happened at the Hackathon? What decisions did we make? What funny moments stayed in our memory?

We will try to summarize that quickly.

Acknowledgment to the shackspace

We would like to shout out a big thank you to shackspace.

Without you guys, this meeting probably wouldn't have been possible, and the room and people created an atmosphere that was almost magic, literally inviting anyone to work on our project.


Public awareness

Another point that we're very happy with is the audience of local hackers who discovered us via the shackspace blog (German).

Unfortunately nobody brought a camera along for the presentation, which is why we can only share the slides with you.

Simplify things

A problem that has often occurred to us, is a growing complexity in issue trackers and wiki organization.

Having different sources for different projects is just fine, although this might utterly confuse strangers from outside.

Because of that reason, we decided to simplify our wikis and issues. The central repository to file any bug or suggestion is now inexorgame/code

Furthermore we decided to force our Code of Conduct for contributions as well as the IRC channel.

Awesome new technologies

I'm very briefly going to talk about this one. As we've discussed hundred of visionary features, this roughly cuts the edge

post scriptum

Thanks everyone for the enjoyable weekend. It has shown us once again that a philosophy of open-minded development leads towards the best team atmosphere one can imagining.

We have came across a funny new motto: "Use the fork Luke!"

If you are re wondering what a fork-drink would look like, here is the answer.