Hackathon 2019 - 1st March, Freiburg


Announcement of the first 2019 Hackathon

Author: Fohlen

A wise man (guess who?) once said: "Freiburg has some really nice people and good beer, we should host a Hackathon there".

This is why we will finally have our first Hackathon in Freiburg. The CCCFR is kindly hosting us at their local Hackspace.

We will sleep at Blackforest Hostel, where we have made reservation for everyone who signed up! If you need a place to sleep, either talk with @Fohlen, or book a bed there directly!

Here is a nice flyer made by @IAmNotHanni, which sums it up pretty good:

Inexor Hackathon 2019


Anyhow here's briefly covered what will be done, and when it will be done (at least what's planned).

  • Friday
    • ~5 pm: arrival at the hostel
    • ~6 pm: collective cooking
  • Saturday
    • ~10 am: Breakfast at the CCCFR
    • ~11 am: Lightning talks
      • @Fohlen will say a few words about Inexor in general
      • @aschaeffer will present the entity-system
      • @MartinMuzatko will talk about how to compose nice UI's with modern tools (Vue.js)
    • ~11:30 am: Discussion about work groups, forming of work streams and tasks
    • ~12:30 pm: Time for the food!
    • 2pm: Ze hacking
    • ~6pm: Start preparing the food!
    • later: Socialising, hacking (...)
    • even later: Hostel
  • Sunday:
    • ~10am: Breakfast at CCCFR
    • ~11am: Hacking
    • ~1pm: Little snack before everyone is off
    • ~1:30pm: Present work stream results
    • ~3pm: Inexor.Shutdown

We hope to see many people there, as always, we welcome everyone with fresh ideas or who is curios! We're also actively seeking for advertisements from other renderer engines 😉 See you in Freiburg!