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Status: specificiation

Cube Selection


The Sauerbraten selection is very basic at the moment: it is possible to select cube and to delete and extrude those. Extrusion is only possible in one direction, therefore each selection has a direction which can be changed.

The goal of this document is to propose a much more powerful selection tools and a roadmap how to implement those.

Please consider

  • Selections with complex shapes
    • With diagonal edges
    • With multiple elements, not touching each other
    • With multiple cube sizes
  • 3D Extrusion/Intrusion
    • Expansion? Objects just becoming bigger?
    • More modes?
  • Automatic selection
    • Wizard staff
    • Surface only
  • Coop Edit/sharing of selection
  • Saving of selections
  • Undo/Redo
  • Programmatic selection. DSL?


  • Add hints on which keys to use
  • Add GUI that can completely replace the keys