This page is a feature - something someone had thought of and wants to implement into Inexor. You can help with your knowledge and skills to make this happen!

Status: idea

The edit menus provide the level-designer with tools to efficiently create new worlds.

This helps to work along with the Mappers Toolset. How these tools and the menu is connected is not yet defined.

  • Content manager
    • Import Models/Textures/Sounds/Presets
  • Texture manager
    • Browser
    • Editor
    • Mixer (Combine)
    • Blendpaint Brushes
  • Environment
    • Fog
    • Skybox
  • Models
    • Browser
    • Editor (Rotate, Scale, Hitbox/Boundingbox)
  • Particles
    • Create
    • Presets (preview)
  • Terrain
    • Brushes


The style of the components should align with the design defined in Main-Menu-UI

Further planning