This page is a feature - something someone had thought of and wants to implement into Inexor. You can help with your knowledge and skills to make this happen!

Status: template

Feature Template

Use this template to create new features. Below you can find a fill-in-the-gaps checklist to make sure you create a well established concept.

This section of your feature should contain a quick overview in 1-2 sentences, what it is about. In the title, put the name of your feature. Although, the sections below are not mandatory, they serve as a skeleton to organize your content.

If you haven't already, you can read more about the stages and process of a feature here. It is easy though - promise!


Option a) Full development with live reload

  1. Fork the wiki
  2. Clone to your desktop
  3. If not installed: get NodeJS
  4. In the repo, run npm i
  5. To start developing: npm run dev - this will spin up a local dev server on port 8080
  6. Copy the feature and start writing

Option b) Just text editing

We are using Netlify as our host. Netlify offers pull-request and branch based preview renders. For a PR, you can edit the page on Github directly. Every page has an "improve this page" link embedded at the bottom. Just add WIP to your PRs title, as long as you are authoring new content to see new previews.


If you need more than one page to describe your feature, you can create a folder instead and place a index.md in there. Pages there are listed as related in the top of the page. Extra pages shouldn't be marked as "layout: feature" then.


What problem does this feature solve? What is your goal to fulfill with this feature? Name a few key performance indicators, that make this feature

  • Serves newcomers as easy entry to create new documentation
  • Allows authors to easily share ideas
  • Create specifications that implementors can develop


What does the feature contain? What is needed? Explain less known words. Explain what your feature can or will be able to do.


What can you do on your own? Where do you need help? Answer these questions here. how we are going to implement it and give technical details.