What is Inexor?

Inexor is an open source project which develops a new game engine based on C++17 and Vulkan API. Click here to read more about the engine.

How to contact us?

Join our Discord server!

How to contribute?

Everybody is welcome to contribute code or media assets under open source licenses.

Click here to find out more about how to contribute.

Click here to find out more about licenses.

Who is behind Inexor?

  • A collective of game programmers, artists, or people who are very passionate about gaming.
  • There is no strict hierarchy behind this collective.
  • Everybody is welcome.
  • Inexor will always try to bring people together.

What is the goal of Inexor?

Is Inexor a fork?

Not anymore. Inexor originated from a fork of cube-engine. However it was decided to start again from scratch by writing a new game engine.

Why develop a new game engine?

Click here to read more about the engine.

When will Inexor be finished?

We can't answer this question. It will take time because we always have new ideas.

Which platforms will be supported?

Currently, we are supporting Windows an Linux. We could support Android or Mac OS, but we are not planing to do this.

How to report bugs?

Join our Discord server!

Alternatively, open a ticket here.

Why use Vulkan API?

Click here to find out about Vulkan API in the documentation of our Vulkan renderer.