Get Involved

Glad you want to help us out to make this happen! We will be very happy if you join our team.

So first things first. Depending on your talents and interests, there are multiple ways to help out. The project is split in different workstreams to help you choose where you see yourself most fit. Features have to be implemented on a multitude of layers.

In general, if you are a creator, you will be able to help!

What can you contribute?

Current High-Level State: Mainly it is the architecture that we need to build up in the first place, before we can really incorporate content. But that doesn't mean projects can't work in parallel.

Grab a topic where you like to contribute and get going.

What you will need

We maintain our code, contents, documentation and pretty much everything else on GitHub.

Too much?

Do you need a little bit of hand-holding and don't know where to start exactly? get in touch or browse the list of features.

We are glad to help you get going to contribute.

Work Streams

Pads (Task lists, cooperative writings, archive..)


The Features Inexor plans to provide are flexibly documented in our Issue Tracker

You can find them grouped as Milestones or Projects


We try to summarize some common question which may come up when thinking about these plans in our FAQ


You might be interested in the Changelog Sauerbraten Features (this is where we started) Ideas for Features