Inexor is inexorable

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Inexor's main objective is to create a new game engine based on C++17 and Vulkan API. The Inexor engine has its own wiki, which contains all the details about development. For more information about Inexor engine, check our GitHub repository.

Once our new game engine is ready, we will develop a new octree-based first person shooter which feels like Cube2: Sauerbraten.


Inexor originated from cube-engine community. Most Inexor developers have a background in cube-engine based games like Cube2: Sauerbraten. Many of the players in that community were having bright ideas about how to improve the game or the underlying engine. However, we quickly found out that there is a difference between "open" and "open source". Being an open source game doesn't necessarily mean developers readily accept your ideas and requested code changes. Many games around cube-engine community are in fact not open. People have a hard time trying to contribute to these games just as we had. Inexor is different.

Inexor is an open source rebellion. It has no central leader or main developer. It's all being organized by our community. Ideas and decisions will be discussed collectively. Everybody is welcome to contribute code or media assets to this project. Inexor will be an 100% open source game with 100% open source content. It will offer a modern octree-based game engine which contains current technology.