Aquarust Edition


We released Alpha 0.3 aka "Aquarust" Edition

Author: Fohlen

Aquarust Edition

Dear all,

The Inexor team released the next Alpha of Inexor (0.3) so called "Aquarust" Edition. Although this is yet another minor release, focusing on code refactors, we have also included a few new maps and reintroduced the server browser.

For a full list of features check the release on GitHub. If you're curious what has changed under the hood, have a look at this pad about Alpha 0.3 design decisions.

Something doesn't work. What to do?

Don't panic. This is still pre-release software, and there are a few bugs known.

  1. You can always try to grab the latest build from our nightly archive.
  2. Furthermore, if you are on Ubuntu, you should check out this bug.
  3. If you encounter any strange errors, let us know in our forum, on GitHub, or @ #Inexor

What's next on the list?

There's dozens of things to do, but there are a few preferences set:

  • Round up all the fixes and cleanups we started. Have a look at our bug-tracker!
  • Deliver native Linux builds for major distributions and cross-compiled binaries for OS X.
  • Get CEF to run properly and design a GUI with it!
  • Enhance the RPC so we're able to script Inexor with ease.
  • Establish a way to send maps, configs, textures (...), together with a slightly new map format.
  • Write a new master server and get it running.

If you feel like any of these match your skills, don't hesitate to join our forces!