Hackathon 2017 report


Our Hackathon 2017 is over - a look back and into the future.

Author: Croydon

Our Hackathon 2017 is over and we would like to provide a quick overview of what we have done at this weekend.

Once again a huge "thank you" to the FabLab Tuebingen for providing this awesome location for our Hackathon!

FabLab Door Poster


  • Inexor Flex
    • globally install-able via npm
    • ui-flex for easy management
    • Inexor Core releases can get easily managed/downloaded/used
  • discussions and decision-making for many creative and structured questions about our project in general
  • smoothing our build environment
  • map preview in browser
    • this could be used for map previews on a new content sharing website
  • Misan did re-license his maps under CC BY-SA 4.0 (this includes e.g. Xenon)
  • improved website layout
    • finally a dedicated download page
    • better legibility throughout the website
    • fixed responsive design error in the navbar
  • many, many bug fixes and making things more robust

Inexor Laptops: Website Improvements

"Speed" Release v0.9

While we did make huge steps forward, we didn't publish the next release, since a few things are still missing to make the experience smoother. However, we will get there very soon.

Next steps

While it is far from being decided, we might have our next Hackathon already in February or March in 2018. We definitely don't want to wait again two long years. 😜

And in the meantime, we will continue to make the best game we can. 🎮 (And we will wear our Hackathon 2017 shirt with pride.)

Inexor Hackathon 2017 T-Shirt Inexor Hackathon 2017 T-Shirt Wearing