This page is a feature - something someone had thought of and wants to implement into Inexor. You can help with your knowledge and skills to make this happen!

Status: idea

Scriptable Gamemodes

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The Vision

The more elements of the game an Inexorian can create, the better! However you also want to share them with others. If you created a cool gamemode, you and your friends should be able to try it immediately online.

The Background

We already have a cool and fun gameplay inherited from Sauerbraten. It should sustain in the new dynamic system as well!

The Connection

We want to make a dynamic system for game modes.
The catch is: you can not do that by just sharing scripts across all players on the server. Or they could do harm, i.e. by scanning your porn-folders.
You want to have the game mode in a form, which is distributable to others without making worries.