Feature ideas

This should give you a big picture of what we want to build.

Free content / Packaging / Content delivery

  • All content is free, in order to make the game free (this makes the game itself forkable) (WIP)
  • Content can be delivered by servers / repositories

Easy modability and mod delivery

  • Maps, Textures, Mapmodels download
  • Packaging / Dependency Management for Content (WIP)
  • Gamemode download (scriptable)
  • Weapon download / Weapon settings (again, refer to Counter Strike)

Deliver Inexor on Steam, Gog and maybe more platforms

  • Bigger audience / more PR? This is debatable (see Warsow)
  • Stronger community integration (eg: Quake Live's homepage)

Community functions

  • Global decentralized authentication + protection
    • Like jabber: multiple servers (multiple domains)
    • Global stats
    • Decentralized (multiple) master servers

Improved mapping functions

  • Flow chart system for scripted maps (WIP)
  • Cooperative lightmapping


  • Anti-DDoS
  • Load balancing
  • Security enhancements

Sauerbraten is more or less a very static game. In future, we should reduce the core functionalities to a minimum but make things extendable. There are lots of possibilities which would increase the fun dramatically.

Dynamicification Possibilities

Unlimited types of weapons

  • API for the weapon game logic
    • reloading
    • shot
    • hud updates
    • bouncer control
  • 3D Model Files
    • 1st Person
    • 3rd Person

Unlimited types of player models

Currently there is a fixed number of player models. To make it more dynamic it would require to address player models by name instead of a number.

  • Player-Model Configuration (Name, Description)
  • 3D Model Files
  • Preview

Unlimited types of game modes

  • The game logic must be loaded dynamically (for example a javascript)
  • Game mode configuration
    • spawn/respawn states
      • team modifiers
      • specify allowed weapons, ammo, reload time, ...
      • specify health, armor, ...
    • specify engine/physics modifiers
  • API for adding features to the HUD
    • New elements on the HUD
    • Minimap

Destructible geometry

  • Modify geometry
  • Shot based
  • Explosion based
  • Modify lightmaps
  • Synchronize geometry of all players
  • Synchronize lightmaps


  • Replace single-player campaign mode by multi-player campaign mode (playable by a single player too)
  • Replace bots by drones (flying robots, quadcopter, ...)
    • Don't need to fake human behaviour
  • Gameplay adjustments
    • Weapon Balance

Idea pool: