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Language-Agnostic Engine Platform


Abbreviation Full Term
IPC Inter-process communication is done when different Processes need to communicate
RPC Remote Procedure Call is a subtopic of IPC


Instead of integrating a JavaScript engine (like V8/Spidermonkey) directly into Inexor we chose the way of binding node.js (a standalone JS engine) via IPC.
Choosing a multi-process design over a multi-threaded design gives us the following advantages

  • we do not need to maintain the JS code
    • (as much)
    • no need to integrate newer v8-versions every now and then into Inexor
  • node.js is completely independ
    • if your script crashes your app still lives and vice versa
    • less worrying, less maintainance
  • node.js works asynchronously out of the box
    • no need to invent our own custom solutions
  • node.js has tons of shipped packages in its package managers

The implementation therefore uses gRPC as underlying library, which is a language neutral framework with bindings in more than 10 languages (and its ecosystem is growing rapidly).
This means our API (Inexor Tree can be used 1:1 for many different purposes:

  • Different (Scripting) languages simultaneously
    • People want python? Easy
  • Generell Server/Client communication like a gameclient to gameserver
    • Thanks to the new API classes/variables/functions could be synced without manually writing network code

Future Steps

  • More efficient IPC methods
    • Currently we use TCP, unix-sockets/named-pipes would be more efficient (or shared_memory)
      • Lets see what gRPC comes up with next
  • Make multi RPC connections really work (currently only one is supported)
  • Extend the Inexor Tree